We offer a variety of surveys and consulting services on any type of vessel; whether it's a 55 foot commercial fishing boat or a 30 foot sailboat, get in touch with us when you need your next marine survey. Prices vary depending on length of vessel and type of survey required. 


This inspection is performed so that an underwriter can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable insurance risk.  It is a report/valuation with emphasis on the safety and integrity of the vessel and compliance with American Boat and Yacht Council and applicable Transport Canada / USCG standards.



This is an comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel.  It is a complete inspection of the vessel to ascertain it's condition as to overall operational capability.

This report includes:

  • An out of the water inspection of the running gear and a sounding of the hull.

  • An in depth inspection of the whole interior structure where accessible.

  • Estimated local market value based on condition and general maintenance.

  • Findings and recommendations



A damage survey is usually commissioned by a specific insurance company as part of a claim investigation.  It's function is to establish the extent of the damage and to give an estimate of the cost of repairs.  In such circumstances, the Surveyor acts as the Underwriters eyes and ears.  The Surveyor works in liason with the insured, the repair facility and all the relevant participants.



The 'Appraisal' or 'Valuation' survey is the most basic type of survey. This type of survey is required where there is a need to establish a 'fair market value' for the vessel, perhaps for the purposes of obtaining a loan, or to settle an estate, or to document a donation for tax, or other legal purposes. An Appraisal survey may also be used to provide basic information to insurance companies, sometimes accompanied by a brief description of the overall condition of the vessel, looking at the hull and structural integrity and some brief commentary on the equipment and its condition.


Walk-Through Inspections

 Cost effective and perfect for folks out of the area that need a set of eyes and ears at the boat to determine if they want to travel to boat or even make an offer. We have saved lots of clients time and lots of money with this service!


Consulting by the Hour 

To work at the client's direction. Typical work in this category would include damage surveys, new construction and repair inspections, sea trials and litigation representation.


Sea Trial

A critical and important part of evaluating a vessel, it's performance and it's systems.  General vessel and engine performance, handling characteristics and in-service system operations can be assessed and reported on. Many aspects of performance can only be determined during operation and experience allows comparative analysis.